WELTOUCH has been working on developing new chemicals for our better and healthier living environment for the past decade or so.

As a result, WELTOUCH’s high-performance technology was applied throughout daily life and industry.

The world’s leading brands work with WELTOUCH to create high-performance products with the ability to protect you from harmful substances.
The world’s top brands trust us in the knowledge that WELTOUCH’s technology is excellent and performance is always checked on a strict basis.

WELTOUCH does its best at this moment toward the eternal task and goal of creating a healthy environment in our living space based on unshakable faith


Super gap photocatalyst technology ‘Self-actuated photocatalsy WELTOUCH’

WELTOUCH® is a supergap photocatalyst technology that has been applied to various fields for over 20 years. With or without light, as long as there is oxygen (O2) and humidity (H2O) in the air, it achieves the best photocatalytic performance without restriction of conditions. Unlike conventional photocatalysts, self-actuated photocatalyst WELTOUCH® is a product produced by water dispersing aggregated titanium dioxide particles into a network structure rather than simply dispersing them, leading to a supergap in photocatalyst technology. It uses light energy such as sunlight and fluorescent light, as well as additional energy (infrared and thermal energy), and uses it to oxidize and decompose pollutants such as formaldehyde and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to purify indoor air into harmless water and carbon dioxide, as well as to apply to various fields such as antibacterial, sterilization, deodorization, and prevention.


Range of Use / Lighting / No light

WELTOUCH® is a new level of self-actuated photocatalyst that utilizes energy (ultraviolet, visible light) used by existing photocatalysts as well as new energy (infrared and thermal energy).


Anti Virus and Bacterial

Elimination and prevention of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and fungi

Remove Odor

5 major life odors removal, air purification function, odor removal of cigarettes odor, ethylene gas removal, removal odor causing substances

Remove Fine Dust

Removal of fine dust-causing substances such as NOx and SOx

Anti Soil

Prevention of adhesion of contaminants and prevention of oxidative discoloration

Harmful Substance

Oxidation/decomposition of non-degradable hazardous substances such as VOCs and formaldehyde etc.


Multi Functional Filter

Apply WELTOUCH® to the filter and recreate it with WELTOUCH® Coating Filter, which blocks odors, bacteria, and viruses.

Constant Infectious Disease Prevention & Air Quality Improvement Technology

It is a technology to prevent new house syndrome, new furniture syndrome, and new car syndrome by quickly decomposing and removing formaldehyde and VOCs that cause new house syndrome, new furniture syndrome, or new car syndrome.

Freshness Maintenance Technology

WELTOUCH® can also be applied to materials such as paper, boxes, etc., and it can used in a package container (tray) of food to provide anti-spoilage effects.

Water Quality Improvement Technology

WELTOUCH® is applied to the water treatment filter media used in the water quality field to decompose and remove phosphorus contained in the water and separate oil and water.

Application On Construction Materials Technology

When WELTOUCH® is applied to building materials and furniture materials, additional features are applied to upgrade the product. It prevents contamination of building materials and extends their lifespan by suppressing mold bacteria on the surface of building materials in humid and hot environments.


Water based Acid liquid with light yellow color. It is activated on not only range of UV light but also non-light condition.


Green-yellowish liquid


Same as water


30 minutes at room
temperature (Same
as water).


Water based Acid liquid.


About 1g/cm3 , 25°C VISCOSITY


Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Virus,
Anti-Fungus, Self-cleaning
and etc.

The component of the welltouch are as follows, whic is included in the chemical product. Titanium 
dioxide is Tio2, which is a mineral product

The main ingredient is mineral minerals, which decompose harmful
chemical and make them harmless


Titanium - Dioxide


Storage Conditions

Do not store at room below -5 degree celcius

Store at room temperature, protected from direct sunlight

Even if the product melted when it froze during storage, its performance is no problem



NOx, SOx, CO, Formaldehyde, VOCs Fine dust and etc.


Virus, Bacteria, Fungal, Mold and etc.


Self Clean, Anti-fogging, Anti-fouling and etc.


Synthetic Fiber, Fabrics, Textile and etc


TOC, Odor, Algal, TN, TP and etc.


UV Protection


Tobacco Odor, Garbage Odor, Burnt Smell, Aldehyde, Ammonia, Mercaptan, 1,3-dioxane, Dioxine and etc.


Packaging Material 

Packaging Material

Freshness Maintenance Technology WELTOUCH® can also be applied to materials such as paper, boxes, and fabrics, and is used in food packages and containers (tray) to provide anti-corruption effects. a. Easy to apply to all materials / Strong anti-corruption effects / Excellent coating / Guaranteed safety b. All materials used to store food and agricultural products such as trays, boxes, and pp plastic c. Anti-fungal performance d. Reproduction of mycelium was observed in more than 60% of the test specimen in the untreated tray box, whereas reproduction of mycelium was not recognized in the tray box treated with WELTOUCH In the WELTOUCH®-treated tray box and in the non-treated tray box, the non-treated tray box showed more than 60% of mycelium reproduction in the test specimen, while the WELTOUCH®-treated tray box showed no mycelium reproduction. Actual application performance test WELTOUCH treated box / WELTOUCH treated fabric / WELTOUCH treated packaging bag

Multiplex Vehicle 

Multiplex Vehicle

Construction Material 

Construction Material

Construction materials application technology When applying building materials, additional functions are displayed to upgrade the product. It prevents contamination of building materials and extends their lifespan by suppressing fungus bacteria on the surface of building materials in humid and hot environments. In addition, when applied to construction exterior materials, it decomposes and removes NOx, SOx, and VOCs, which are fine dust precursors that have recently become problems. Easy application / Unlimited strong effect / Excellent coating power/ Guaranteed safety Stone, cement, exterior walls of buildings, building materials, etc. WELTOUCH Self-cleaning effect After coating WELTOUCH® on the block, and as a result of long-term observation, the black contamination disappeared and no more occurred. After coating WELTOUCH® on the sandwich panel, and as a result of long-term observation, it remained clean as it was. The properties of a super-hydrophilic

Architecture & Interior 

Architecture & Interior

Air Cleaner 

Air Cleaner



Air Purifying Effect 

Air Purifying Effect

Animal Husbandry 

Animal Husbandry



Environment (Air & Water) 

Environment (Air & Water)

Multiple Industrial Area 

Multiple Industrial Area

Health & Medical 

Health & Medical


Weltouch - Testing

Weltouch Construction Specification Manual